Terug naar school: 6 tips & trends

Back to school: 6 tips & trends to pick up on as a retailer

Wednesday 15/06/2022

Back to school on trend – yes please! And admit it: a great satchel and fashionable colours make the first day back at school even more fun. So in this article, we are listing six handy tips and trends to prepare your store for this important moment for parents. 

A sturdy satchel or school backpack

Let’s start at the beginning, because children obviously need a good – and stylish – satchel or backpack. 

Botanical and floral prints are back again this school year – especially for secondary school pupils. We’re talking palm trees, embroidered flowers or bright tropical colours. And plain models remain popular too, especially if they include a fun detail. An iconic leather strap, a key fob or a great smiley add a fun finishing touch to every backpack! 

At the start of primary school, parents prefer to go for a real satchel in sturdy fabric or leather. Here again, a huge range of school bags is available: animal prints, fairy tale characters, dinosaurs or rainbows. You name it, it exists. And this year too, the top colours are mint, pink and shades of grey. 

Toddlers and kindergarten children don’t yet take much with them to school. So a small backpack or satchel is usually sufficient. Parents with young children often opt for a recognisable school backpack, which their child can also easily put on and take off themselves: a fun colour, a backpack in the shape of an animal or a great all-over print. 

Photo by Jollein

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Water bottle and lunchbox that close properly

Most schools encourage pupils to bring with them a reusable water bottle that they can refill from the tap or the water fountain in the playground. It’s a smart choice for the environment and for parents, because they no longer have to bother with juice cartons, plastic bottles or cans. 

Photo by Muuki

Water bottles come in all sizes, adapted to the age and activities of the children. So parents with toddlers or kindergarten children do best to choose a small 300- or 400-ml water bottle. This means a full bottle is not so heavy and little children can drink from it more easily. For older children, a 600-ml to 1.2-litre bottle is better. Of course, it depends whether they can refill their bottle during the school day and whether sports activities are scheduled. In that case – or when it is very hot – a large water bottle is handy.

Children who stay at school at midday need a sturdy lunchbox. Here again, there is a lot of choice: with compartments, leakproof, large or small. What do children like to take to school? Special containers for cold pasta or rice salads are a great idea. They keep the contents deliciously fresh for hours.

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Schoolproof clothes

The first of September is often synonymous with new clothes. Admit it: what parent doesn’t like a photo of their perfectly dressed child at the start of the new school year? 

As usual at the start of the new school year, a very wide range of schoolproof clothing is available for toddlers, kindergarten children and young primary school pupils. Parents do best to opt for breathable clothing that fits properly and is easy to put on and take off. For kindergarten children in particular this is important – little accidents are still a regular occurrence. But for sports or swimming lessons at school, too, it is handy if children can get changed quickly. Advise parents to choose comfortable clothes and provide easy spare clothes. 

There is no single on-trend colour this year. All the colours of the rainbow are in! For girls, the dreamy trend continues: floaty skirts, soft colours and shiny details in gold or glitter. Sequins and metallic details are still cool too, as are cuddly fabrics and striking prints. Boys and tough girls go for references to space or reversible jumpers and jackets. 

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Shoes that can take a knock

An outfit is only fully finished with the right shoes. Be aware that for kindergarten children, shoes have to be able to withstand a lot during a school day. Children love climbing, crawling, cycling, running, stumbling and falling to their heart’s content. So a sturdy pair of shoes is far from being an unnecessary luxury. Advise parents to make sure their children have shoes that they can put on and take off easily themselves: slip-ons, velcro fastenings or a zip. Older children can tie their laces themselves, of course, and look tough and trendy with sturdy boots or colourful sneakers. 

For girls, ballerinas are back again and those in search of a little je ne sais quoi go for real leather shoes or cowboy boots this autumn. And yes, this cowboy trend applies for girls and boys alike. Yihaa! 

Voor meisjes is de ballerina weer helemaal terug en wie op zoek is naar een tikkeltje je ne sais quoi kiest dit najaar voor authentieke lederen schoenen of cowboyboots. En ja, die cowboytrend geldt zowel voor meisjes als voor jongens. Jihaa! 

Road safety with cycle helmet and fluorescent clothes

Nothing is as important as safety, particularly if children cycle or walk to school. A great fluorescent vest makes sure they are clearly visible. In recent years, many satchel makers have also been including reflective details in their bags, and this trend is continuing in children’s clothing. 

A good helmet is essential for cyclists. We recommend models that fit well and that children can put on and take off themselves! 

Photo by Scoot & Ride

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Bedroom or study on point

School inevitably means homework or studying. So for parents with older children, it is important to ensure that there is a clearly defined place for school work in their bedroom: a desk or a corner where they can sit and write, with space for fun school stuff. Primary school children often still do their homework under supervision in the living room or at the kitchen table. So there is more space in their room to play, read or chill. And a couple of attractive decorative items give children’s rooms like this an extra upgrade. 

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