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Looking for the perfect range of toys for toddlers and preschoolers?

Thursday 23/06/2022

Which toys do preschoolers like to play with the most? And what can parents give toddlers to make them happy? Is it best to choose a board game, a doll or a puzzle? Between the ages of two and five, children learn very quickly. So you can advise parents to buy challenging toys suitable for the age and skills of their child. 

Children love to do imaginative roleplay
wild & soft t rex outfit costume

Young children like nothing better than to dress up and imitate their parents. A dressing up box with various different outfits and accessories makes every child happy. A pink princess dress for boys? A sturdy firefighter’s helmet for girls? Perfect! Everything is possible with role-playing and make-believe.

Photo Wild & Soft

tryco werkbank

Toy kitchens, shops or workbenches are always popular with toddlers and preschoolers, too. They can cook a meal or make something, just like mummy or daddy. They can get so involved in their game that they lose sight of time and their surroundings. 

Photo Tryco

"Role-playing allows young children to practice their social and relational skills, an important aspect of their development. "

Dolls, too, remain popular with children and must be in your store. Who did not have a doll as a child? Both boys and girls like playing mummies and daddies. They imitate what they see their parents do: looking after baby, giving baby a bath, putting baby to bed.

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Making and building

Building blocks encourage creative thinking and doing. A tip: get parents to put the instruction manuals of construction kits to one side. This gives children the freedom to build whatever springs to mind.

Open Ended Play
moes nijlpaard

Open-ended toys allow children to give free rein to their imagination, too. MOES, Candylab Toys, NeoGRÜN are among the toy manufacturers whose products give children plenty of creative freedom. Plasticine or kinetic sand are other forms of open-ended playthings that you can recommend to parents. 

Photo Moes

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candylab stac food shack ice cream
CANDYLAB - Stac Food Shack Ice Cream
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Candylab Food Truck - Donut Van
CANDYLAB - Food Truck Donut Van
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moes nijlpaart
MOES - Hippo
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Neo Grun Boetseerklei
NEO GRÜN - Easy-Clay
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neo grün boetseerklei

Children who enjoy drawing or crafts will jump for joy at the sight of a big box of felt-tip pens, a colouring book or plasticine. Thicker pens (that wash off easily), small pencils with a specific grip and wax crayons perfect for small hands are also available for young children. 

Photo NeoGrün

Puzzles challenge infants, too. Toddlers love jigsaws with four to eight pieces, or shapes with a little knob that fit perfectly into a hole. You can recommend slightly more difficult puzzles to parents of preschoolers: their children will be very happy with 50 pieces! 

Get out and about!

Fresh air is healthy and nothing is more fun that kicking a football, playing or riding around in the garden or at the playground. Toddlers like to play with a small, soft ball. For preschoolers, the ball cannot be big enough. A maxi beach ball? That’s as big as it gets! 

scoot & ride step

Their first bicycle is a milestone in the life of many children (and their parents and grandparents). Little ones are off like a rocket on their three-wheelers, while preschoolers learn how to keep their balance on a two-wheeled balance bike. A good first step towards real cycling! And children who want to do something more athletic? They choose a go-kart, roller skates, a skateboard or a trendy scooter. Models suitable for preschoolers are available, too. 

Photo Scoot & Ride

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A nice room and fun clothes

Their bedroom is every preschooler’s sanctuary. Whether the parents like earthy tones, mint green and dusky pink or go for bright rainbow hues and fluorescent colours, a great accessory brightens up every room. A wooden bookshelf? A bed canopy? A wall sticker? There is sure to be enough space for that. A fun bedspread or a lovely carpet make great gifts, too. 

And because toddlers and preschoolers grow so quickly, new clothes are always a good gift idea, as well. What about a lovely set with trousers, a shirt and a jumper, a swirly dress with matching tights or a pair of shorts with knee-length socks. A tip: before you buy clothes as a gift, it is best to check with the parents. They know what suits their child. A bigger size may be safer perhaps, when the seasons change, for example. 

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ZAZU - Cody projector
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PABOBO - Shakie Seal
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JOLLEIN - Stuffed animal lama XL
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WILD & SOFT - Beanbag polar bear
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Are you a retailer or a storekeeper who would like to include gifts for toddlers and preschoolers in your assortment? Make your selection from our wide range of toys, decorative items and clothes. 

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