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Meet the label: Liena by La Petite Rooze

Tuesday 06/12/2022

We grant you a peek behind the scenes of one of our favo "made in Belgium" brands in the baby & kids segment! Rita Lauwerier, manager and founder of La Petite Rooze , started her Trademart adventure in a small shared showroom, but today you can find her in a large showroom of her own in our physical building as well as online at Trademart Digital.

From hobby to business

Rita started La Petite Rooze 10 years ago, originally a handicraft collection in accessories such as toiletry bags and pencil cases. In 2018 "Liena by La Petite Rooze" was launched because her heart was always more in the baby and kids sector. Rita has already come a long way to turn her hobby into her profession and is happy to tell us a bit more about her passion and what she can do for you as a retailer.

Unique customization for retailers

As a retailer, you can turn to Rita for custom handmade baby collections. She has a catalog with different designs in different fabrics but besides that everything is customizable. An extra bow, different buttons or rather a different fabric? Everything is possible. Do you have your own idea for a cool print and want to have it worked into an exclusive collection for your store? Rita is here for you!

Different retailers in the same street can be customers of La Petite Rooze, but still not have the same products. Each store can get something different according to its own needs and those of the end customers.

Rita thinks along with you as business manager and compiles everything for your collection (the designs, colors to combine, advice regarding fabrics,...). The key to success is working together, because that's how the best collaborations grow.

You can also contact Rita for decorations in your store, such as a complete inspiration corner, a bed or a decorated park.

I want to show the world what can be made with thread, a crochet pen and a piece of fabric. I love slow fashion but also sustainability. The materials I use all comply with the OEKO-TEX label, quality material without harmful substances.

No mass production but sustainable craftsmanship

It is no secret: at La Petite Rooze they work hard. And the hard work paid off because in ten years the brand has grown into a profitable small business. Rita does most of the work herself; from contacting suppliers and managers to cutting fabric and sitting behind the stitching machine in her workshop. An extra lady works behind the scenes sewing and making the pieces.

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Because of this, there is no mass production, so Rita's focus is collaborations with little fun boutiques and smaller stores. Rita can't serve larger chains in baby-items because this deviates too much from the philosophy of sustainable tailoring and handicraft.

Tip for starting creative entrepreneurs

Finally, Rita likes to give some valuable advice to other starting creative entrepreneurs who want to start their own brand:

Trust and believe in your gut feeling. It is not always easy to tell your story in an existing market with established retailers working with long-known brands. It takes time, vision and above all dedication to get them to make the move to a new brand and a new way of working. Personal contact is still the most important thing!

Find Rita every Monday in her new showroom on the D floor of the newly renovated Baby & Kids department at Trademart, or in her online showroom at Trademart Digital.

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