Checklist: out and about safely and stylishly with your baby

Wednesday 02/02/2022

Ready to go out with your newborn baby? Go for it!

However, there’s a lot involved and as a new mum or dad, you suddenly have to think about the safest way of transporting and/or carrying your precious new child. In this handy checklist, we explain the best way of transporting or carrying your baby on every occasion – and how to do it with true style. Parents, we’ve got you covered! With these trends, you’re guaranteed to look the part when you step outside the door!

Do you have a shop with items for children or do you plan to extend your collection with children’s items? Then continue reading this article and get inspired by the latest trends to make the choice as easy as possible for your clients.
The baby sling: at home or for short walks

Babies love being carried. But with the arrival of the pram and buggy the age-old tradition of carrying your child was previously pushed into the background. But now all that’s changing, thanks to the baby sling. A sling offers a whole range of advantages. For a start, with a sling you keep your baby close to you, but still have your hands free to do anything else you need to. Plus it’s good for the little tot’s social and emotional development.

Are you finding your baby is restless at home? If so, it can help simply to walk around with him or her in a sling. When you do this, little ones feel safe and secure and you pass on your calmness to them. And there’s one more advantage, too: with a sling, you can discreetly breastfeed while your baby is in the sling. Baby slings can be used from birth onwards, but make sure that the head is properly supported during the first months

What about fashion? Baby slings are trendier than ever! They come in a range of colours, patterns, fabrics, etc. and so they can be totally geared to match your outfit.  

There are stretchable and woven slings, but a real favourite at the moment is the ring sling (a sort of woven baby sling). The ring sling is popular because it doesn’t have to be knotted, but the ends are simply passed through the rings.  

Long car journeys: the right car seat and entertainment
Got a long car journey ahead?
In which case, of course, you’ll hope that your baby will spend as much time asleep as possible.
Unfortunately, that is not always the case. But don’t worry! These tips will make your trip safe, comfortable and stylish.  

The right car seat 

Safety always comes first, so everything begins with the right car seat. Go for a seat that complies with the i-Size standard, a European safety guarantee. Babies and toddlers must be carried facing backwards for as long as possible, so that they travel looking at what’s behind them. That way, if an accident should happen, their head and neck will be better supported.  

One more golden tip: never place your baby in a car seat wearing a thick jacket or coat. Winter coats contain quiet a lot of air, which makes it seem as though your child is properly buckled in, whereas in fact he or she is restrained much more loosely than you think. Better to place the jacket or a blanket over the car seat, or use a footmuff as a safe and trendy alternative.  

You’ll find that many car seats are compatible with a pram or buggy, but you can find out more about this in the next article.  

Baby toys during the journey 

If your baby has a blanket or cuddly toy that he/she can’t be without, then take it with you in the car. Also make sure there are activity toys that make a noise or have unusual textures.

Or maybe some sort of toy that you can attach to the car seat. That way, your little darling won’t keep losing or dropping the toy and so there’ll be no need for you to take unnecessary risks searching for it or trying to pick it up while you’re driving.

Sunshades with activity arches are a great hit and make the ideal distraction for the little ones. Window blinds are always a good idea for protecting your baby from the sun and for making it dark enough to take a snooze. 

Extra tips: Don’t put your baby in a car seat for longer than 2 hours (preferably just 30 minutes for newborns) and put on some soothing music if it helps to calm your baby.

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Let’s go to the beach… with the pram?

"Extra tip: In Belgium, a rain cover for your buggy or pram is a real must-have! "

There are lots of different models of prams and buggies, but which one is most suitable for you?

Of course the age and weight of your child plays a major role in your choice, but you also need to consider the type of journey you’re making.

Going for a stroll through town or a walk on the beach?

Yep, buggies are designed with different purposes in mind. Here are 3 of the most popular ones

Combi-pram: A pram with a carry-cot (or 3-in-1 pram) is the ideal solution for combining comfort, safety and convenience. You can also fit a car seat or travel cot into the frame, which is clever, isn’t it? 

This is also the type of pram you need for your newborn baby. Young babies need to be able to lie flat for the development of their back. 

All-terrain pram: There’s no need to shy away from venturing out on to uneven and unpaved paths every now and then. That’s when an all-terrain pram is your new best friend, so that you can set off on an adventure with your little tot. With its proper pneumatic tyres, your all-terrain pram will cope easily with sand, gravel and snow. And if you really want to go hiking, your best option is a back-carrier. More about this below. 

Folding buggy: From the age of 6 to 9 months (as soon as your baby can sit up unaided), you can trade in your pram for a folding buggy. Buggies are lighter and easier to take with you – so much so, many of the new, compact models even qualify as hand baggage on planes. And toddlers who are tired of walking can simply jump on board their buggy for a ride.  

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Out and about with a baby-carrier

A baby-carrier is a pre-shaped piece of equipment for carrying your baby in front of you. This type of carrier is highly practical if you want to go for a walk in the countryside, take public transport or simply go shopping, etc. It’s like a sling, but provides additional support when your little one gets heavier.  

So the baby-carrier is better suited to longer distances for carrying older babies and toddlers.  

In addition to the baby-carrier that sits on your stomach, there is also the back-carrier, which is a sort of backpack for your little one to travel in. The back-carrier has a frame and a built-in seat. You can also carry more weight on your back than you can on your front, making the back-carrier suitable for toddlers up to the age of 4.  

Never use a baby-carrier or back-carrier if your child’s weight exceeds the maximum recommended weight for the product. 

And don’t forget that the sun can be quite bright when it’s shining down on your baby’s head. So always take a cap or sun hat with you when you go on a walk.  

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Going away overnight with you baby

Taking your baby somewhere overnight for the first time? Or going somewhere together? Sounds like fun!  

But don’t forget to prepare a baby bag with all the essential things you’ll need:  

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Haven’t got a suitable baby bag yet? The current favourite is the teddy bag. These ultra-soft bags have plenty of room and are particularly comfortable for carrying on your shoulder or hanging on the pram.  

And don’t forget the travel cot. A folding camp bed is an option, but these days instant folding travel cots are all the rage. Setting it up and folding it away again only takes a few seconds. So that’s one less thing to worry about!  

Try out the travel cot at home first and let your baby sleep in it so that he/she can get used to the new sleeping environment.

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