Take a look inside the cutest of rooms for kids: these are the leading trends for 2022

Friday 28/01/2022

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Could the kids’ bedroom do with a revamp? Or do you want to work with your son or daughter to make the room really cosy, but don’t have a clue where to start? Don’t worry, Trademart has your back! Below we share some of the leading children’s room trends for 2022 with you, while also giving you a sneak peek inside some of our favourite rooms. Ready to magic your kids’ room into the best place in the house?

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Colours: paint or wallpaper?

The colours in the bedroom define its style and atmosphere. You can choose soothing, classic shades or go for bright colours. But watch out you don’t overdo it – harmony is important in a child’s room. For example, you could make a feature of one wall with a vibrant colour and paint the rest in neutral tones.

Or, if you opt for more subtle walls, you can combine them with striking accessories that round out the colour palette.

Popular paint colours in 2022 are pink, gold, anthracite, blue and natural shades, such as earth colours and green. 

Your child’s room needs to be a familiar place for sleeping, playing, laughing and getting away from it all once in a while. So make the room as personal as possible and highlight your child’s passions or interests.

Or a combination of both? 

"Afraid that a whole wall of wallpaper will be too busy or that your little darling will lose interest in the theme before too long? That’s when a wall circle makes an ideal alternative. "

Wallpaper and stickers are also a real trend this year. Paper featuring plants, flowers, graphics or art prints are very much back in vogue. Also consider using a theme that your little one is crazy about. This can deliver a particularly fun effect and make the room even more personal. Combining a plain painted wall with wallpaper is a good way of giving the room a trendy look. We recommend wallpaper on one wall and painting the other three walls in the same colour. When choosing the paint colour, start with one of the colours featured on the wallpaper.  


In addition to the colours, furniture also has a major influence on the lookof the room. Going for cosy or do you prefer more modern?  

Quite apart from the choice of style, you also have to think about the best way to use the available space. If you’ve got lots of room, you might want to fit a desk in, too. And if there isn’t much space, you’ll have to make some creative choices (e.g. a raised bed with desk or play area underneath, or a bed with storage drawers under).  

Here’s a list of some of the items that definitely belong in a child’s room:  

  • Bed  

  • Bedside cabinet 

  • Desk (if your child is a little older)  

  • Wardrobe 

  • Chest (with door or drawers) for toys and books  

  • Good lighting 

There’s one final point that we’d like to emphasise: good lighting not only makes the room cosy, but also gives your child peace of mind. Combine a hanging lamp with an extra night light and/or a nice string of lights for snuggling down for a good evening of reading!  

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Natural materials such as rattan, webbing, wood and sisal are very much in. Teddy fabric was very popular in the fashion world last year and now seems to be the must-have in all our interiors. This soft fabric is also very in vogue in children’s rooms.  

Our advice? Mix and match to suit your taste – truly, anything goes! This will give the kids’ bedroom a warm look and its very own character. For example, you could combine a rattan wardrobe with a sturdy black or white cabinet. A somewhat daring combo, perhaps, but you’ll be amazed at the result.  

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Remember to ask your kids what they can’t do without in their room. Which garland, poster, cuddly toy, neon lighting, rugs, etc. would they like to have? Working with them to give their room a proper makeover is a fantastic activity to do together, but don’t forget that your children will certainly appreciate it if you let them have their say. 

Pimp it!

Last, but not least… And the finishing touch to any child’s room is a range of fun accessories. At the moment, you’ll find animal heads on the wall in just about any child’s room, plus mirrors, shelves, woven decorations, etc. And there are more and more little baskets hanging on the wall or bed, too. All of which makes it a win-win situation, because not only do they look great, but they also provide extra storage space. You’re welcome!  

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Of course, having plenty of storage space in a child’s room is vital and chances are you won’t be able to find a place for everything in baskets or on shelves. So feel free to move some of those favourite toys, such as large stuffed animals, out of the room. You’ll be surprised by all the nice colour combinations created as a result.  

Fun decorative pieces can be put on top of chests of drawers and/or bookcases so that you avoid leaving bare spaces that look impersonal.  

What else?

Clothes can always be stored away in a wardrobe with a door, but feel free to hang up some special items of clothing so that they can be seen.  

If you want to make the room feel more natural, you can simply work with natural materials and colours, as suggested above. But certainly putting plants in each bedroom provides great added value. They’ll also ensure there’s plenty of oxygen in the air, allowing your pride and joy to breathe easily. So that’s highly recommended!  

Last but not least

We’re seeing more and more teepees making an appearance in kids’ bedrooms. It’s a fun decorative piece with an important function. Every child needs to get away from it all from time to time and a teepee provides the perfect protected environment for them to do just that. Decorate it with your child and agree between you that the teepee is somewhere quiet where he or she can be alone, or be with you, or simply to take refuge from everything that’s going on around. 

We hope you enjoy designing and setting up your child’s bedroom!  

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