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Trend: Provide every family with sustainable products

Sustainable, ecological and ethically-responsible products are becoming more popular. More and more parents are opting for products, clothes and accessories that are kind to people and the planet when kitting out their babies and children. 

Sustainable baby food 

Breastfeeding is definitely the ideal choice in terms of sustainability, too, because when mummy is nearby, so is the food. Feeding on demand in particular is really sustainable. Because in that case, no extra cups, bottles or bags are needed to store or warm up the milk. And no bottle warmer, which saves energy and is therefore good for the environment and the wallet. 

For those who are unable or do not want to breastfeed or who switch to bottle feeding, the most sustainable choice is organic formula. Glass or BPA-free plastic is an environmentally-friendly solution for bottles. That's right, plastic too. Because plastic bottles are virtually unbreakable, so there is less chance that they will need to be replaced (quickly). Glass bottles are free of harmful substances and made of extra-strong borosilicate glass, but they are not unbreakable. So a silicon protective sleeve offers extra safety. Latex or artificial rubber teats have a long useful life and can be sterilised properly. 

For the first six months, babies only need milk. After this, breast or bottle feeding is combined step by step with solid foods. Parents who want to be ecologically and ethically responsible usually prefer fresh, local seasonal fruit and vegetables. Food in glass jars is less harmful to the environment than meals in a plastic dish. 

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Care products and washable nappies 

Babies and infants do not actually need to be washed with soap. Parents who want to do so anyway should opt for organic or chemical-free care products from brands like Ouate. Other – leading – brands are catching up and taking steps to make their care products and packaging more sustainable. 

The time when environmentally aware parents had no option other than cloth nappies and nappy pins are fortunately behind us. The new generation of washable nappies is not only better for the environment than disposable nappies, they look trendy, as well. Fun prints, handy press studs or velcro make washable nappies nice and easy to use. 

Washable nappies are available in various forms: with an insert, so that the entire nappy does not always have to go in the wash immediately after baby has peed or pooped, or in one piece. Some brands offer various sizes, while others sell nappies that grow with the baby. It is sometimes a matter of getting used to it for parents and they have to find out for themselves what works best. If washable nappies is a step too far, then parents can opt for ecological disposable nappies. Free of plastic or chemical substances and still better for the environment than traditional disposable nappies. 

Washable bottom and nose wipes made of organic cotton or bamboo are good for the baby, the environment and the wallet, too. The clean wipes are kept in a container with water and a few drops of essential oil. The dirty ones go in a different container where they can soak for a while before being washed. 

OUATE - Zero waste washable wipes

While cleaning facial skin, let's teach kids to reduce their carbon footprint with MY ZERO WASTE DISK. Our microfleece discs provide incomparable softness to children's skin for daily and repeated use. Recommended for children's sensitive skin.

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Discover the brand OUATE

OUATE is a line of high quality skin care products dedicated to children from 4 to 11 years old to help them grow up well while reassuring parents thanks to its formulas composed of 97% of ingredients of natural origin, without allergens and without undesirable ingredients.

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On the go with a drinking bottle and a snack box 

A drinking bottle instead of a plastic bottle or a carton, a snack box instead of a little packet of biscuits and a reusable straw instead of a disposable straw. Fruit survives until playtime in a banana or an apple box and an insulated bottle keeps milk or water cool and soup deliciously warm, without packaging or other waste. And sandwiches and fillings stay nice and fresh in a thermal lunch bag, especially when it’s warm outside. Sustainable choices make a difference on the go and at school, too. 

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