Wholesale must-haves for a good night’s sleep for baby and parents

Friday 16/09/2022

As a retailer, do you often have parents looking for ways of getting their children to sleep better? That’s logical, because a good night’s sleep makes children (more) cheerful! Here are a few tips and recommendations to help parents. 

A regular bedtime routine works wonders! 

Babies and children need routine. So babies should take a nap at regular times during the day and it is best for children to go to bed at the same time every evening. Structure gives them an anchor and their sleeping pattern becomes established more quickly. 

To make the transition from day to night easier and smoother, a bedtime routine is a good idea. Parents do best to start this transition well in advance with a bottle or a glass of milk at a fixed time. Watching television for a while is fine too, but it is not a good idea to allow (young) children to play on a computer or tablet just before bedtime. 

Then comes washing, putting on pyjamas and brushing teeth. This way, children know it is bedtime. When they are in bed, reading a story or going over the day together calms them down. A kiss from mummy or daddy and... the land of nod awaits! 

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A good pair of pyjamas, cover or sleeping bag

Toddlers sleep best in a lsleeping bag. They wriggle and move a lot when they sleep so a cover doesn’t keep them nice and warm for long. A good sleeping bag that is the sleeping bag ensures that a squirming toddler will not be too cold or too warm at night. 

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Which TOG value should you recommend? 

The TOG value is an international guideline that indicates how well pyjamas and sleep sacks retain body heat. Is it less than 16°C in the bedroom? Then a TOG value of 4 is necessary to keep a child warm at night: a romper suit, cotton pyjamas with feet and a suitable sleep sack with a TOG value of 2.5, for example. Is the bedroom temperature above 24°C? Then a romper suit alone – or even just a nappy without any outer clothing – is sufficient.

From the age of two, children can sleep under a cover. It is important to make the bed short so that the child cannot ‘disappear’ under the covers. A pillow is not necessary, but if a child wants one anyway, a flat, hard pillow is enough. 

Preschoolers are toilet-trained between the ages of two and three. Sleeping without a nappy at night might take a little longer. You can advise parents to use a mattress protector and absorbent sleep underwear to prevent night-time accidents. 

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Tricks and tips to keep young children in bed 

Everyone - adults, children and babies - have wakeful moments during the night. A quietly furnished and tidy bedroom helps children drop off again quickly. Toys should be put away in a toy box or basket. Books are neatly arranged on a bookshelf and there are a limited number of cuddly toys in the bed. 


Some parents look for so-called ‘sleep trainers’. These are little alarm clocks without numbers, but with figures or lights. Parents can set them to indicate when their toddler or preschooler is allowed to get out of bed. If the light is not on or the figure's eyes are closed, the child has to stay in bed. There is no guarantee, but it’s certainly worth trying! 

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White noise devices

Another thing that works is white noise, a calming sound that promotes sleep. Think of the sound of rain on the window, chirping birds, a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine. These types of sounds filter out disruptive noises from outside and make children feel safe. White noise sounds a little like the noise that a baby hears in the womb.

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Fortunately, devices are available to produce this white noise so that parents don’t have to sit next to their child’s bed with a vacuum cleaner running and can enjoy a good night's sleep themselves, as well. 

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