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Sustainable fashion: offer your customers the sustainability they desire

Sustainable fashion is anything but a passing trend. In these times where customers are increasingly turning to sustainable clothing, we are seeing more and more sustainable fashion labels emerging. What are the best sustainable clothing brands for your shop or webshop, and how can Trademart, as a sustainable fashion wholesaler, help you?

The 4 important criteria for sustainable clothing
sustainable clothing

While some in the fashion industry brag about being sustainable these days, attentive customers are no longer fooled by simple marketing arguments. What are they really looking for from sustainable fashion?

Here are the four most important criteria that you need to consider.

  • Respect for the environment

The sustainable fashion brands are more respectful towards the environment. They use more eco-friendly production techniques and materials and they make efforts to limit their carbon emissions as much as they can.

  • Ethically responsible

Apart from their favourable environmental impact, sustainable clothing also respects the people who manufacture it. It goes without saying that child labour is out of the question, and good working conditions, a fair salary and gender equality are all essential.

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  • Transparency

Genuine sustainability means having nothing to hide. Yet even today, far too often it is impossible to know what textiles and production processes fashion brands are using. We have to take them at their word. Only the best sustainable fashion brands offer total transparency.

  • Slow fashion

Despite everything, even sustainable fashion can have a negative impact on the environment in the event of over-production. This makes sense: it requires a lot of raw materials, energy, water and transport to manufacture clothes. By choosing better quality and by making their collections timeless in style, customers of sustainable fashion brands can wear their clothes for longer. This is known as ’slow fashion’.

The best sustainable clothing brands for my store or my webshop
Kids copenhagen colors

Trademart is also interested in sustainability, and as a wholesaler of organic clothing among other things, helps you to buy sustainable clothing for your store or webshop.

To that end, several of our clothing brands proudly carry the GOTS label. This international label for organic textiles is part of European legislation and guarantees your customers ecologically sound and socially responsible production.

Photo Copenhagen Colors

baby kleding musli

As an example, the fun children’s clothing range Copenhagen Colors carries the GOTS label and is made from organic cotton and wool. All of this brand’s products are created within a framework of controlled and traceable production. The clothing range for children and infants by Müsli has also been awarded this label.

Photo Müsli

The Spanish clothing brand for children Tocoto Vintage works with sustainable cotton that is 100% organic, and has chosen to manufacture locally in Spain and Portugal.

Trademart also offers several brands for your male customers who care about sustainability, in particular 1971.

If you are planning to buy sustainable clothing collections, but would prefer to see them with your own eyes first, then visit our showrooms or check out our upcoming events!

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