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Boost Your Sales with 6 Winter Fashion Trends for 2023

Do you want to win over your customers by offering them an irresistible winter collection that makes the most of the 2023 winter fashion trends? Here are some tips to bear in mind when buying your winter collection.

6 essential fashion trends for winter 2023

Trademart has been connecting major fashion brands with fashion-forward stores and online shops for the past 45 years. This position gives us a unique overview of the key trends for the coming season. We have compiled them and turned them into 6 tips that are going to guarantee the success of your collection.

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1.      A colourful winter

Traditional winter colours like cream and navy blue are the new trendy colours for winter 2023, as are olive green and burgundy.

But that’s not all: this winter promises to be surprisingly colourful. Strawberry red and bright pink, for example, are taking centre stage at all of this season's catwalk shows. Many brands are also betting on intense green, like a glimmer of hope in these difficult times.

2.      Layering

Another 2023 winter fashion trend is layering, which consists of playing with layers and textures. A nice jacket over a winter dress, a turtle neck under a cardigan... Don’t be afraid to wear a summer dress from last season over warmer layers. The possibilities are endless.

Are you in need of inspiration? PB Fashion has mastered this fashion trend to perfection.

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3.      'Beastly' prints

"Animal" prints with leopard or zebra patterns are making a big comeback in 2023 fashion trends. They will add a touch of imagination to your collection. A word of warning however: when it comes to these prints, less is more. So integrate them sparingly to your collection, and they will not fail to attract the eye.

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4.      Tank tops

The tank top is making a somewhat unexpected return. Once relegated to a status reserved for bad boys, this winter tank tops will be the favourite choice of self-confident women who care about fashion. Most brands have opted for the classic white version, in the purest style. But some have versions in other colours or materials. Bottega Veneta even has a leather version for winter!

Photo: Tank Top - PB Fashion

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5.      It’s time to dare!

Perhaps your boutique or online shop could do with a touch of whimsy? Follow the example of brands such as Dior or Balmain and include a jumpsuit in your winter collection. You can also draw inspiration from the series Bridgerton, which is a big hit on Netflix, and offer your customers a corset like the one created by Vivienne Westwood.

"Jumpsuits and corsets: these are bold looks, but they are the height of 2023 fashion trends!"

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6.      Hot stuff!

Have you heard about the trend known as “gorpcore”? “Gorp” is an acronym for “good OL’ raisins and peanuts”, the snacks typically enjoyed by hikers. “Gorpcore” is therefore a blend of streetwear and practical outdoor clothing. Cargo pants, fleeces and Gore-Tex, but in trendy versions. And above all nice and warm!

Discover the winter 2023 fashion trends for yourself

These tips reflect just some of the countless trends in winter 2023 fashion. Want to discover them all?

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