6 interior trends for 2022 that you’ll want to take home with you right now!

Monday 31/01/2022 - Trademart Digital

Everything revolves around home comfort

Recently, more and more people have started to realise the importance of having their home feeling comfortable and their interior looking good. Our home is more than just the place where we retreat to at the end of the day or to socialise with friends. Our home has now also become our workplace. Which means we are looking for ways to combine living comfort and functionality with warmth and cosiness. So, do you feel you’re in need of a change?

If you do, then keep on reading as we take you on a voyage of discovery and guide you through the leading interior trends of 2022. Sometimes, your place will only need a few small tweaks to make it feel new, so it doesn’t always mean taking a large chunk out of your budget. Do you want to renew the collection in your shop according to the latest trends? You will find all the inspiration you need, even as a professional!
Back to nature

"Wallpaper? Nowadays, there’s an enormous array of natural patterns to choose from. Wallpaper is very much in this year, particularly for bedrooms. Combine it with dried flowers and accessories with colours that also feature on the wallpaper. "

We have rediscovered nature, which is something reflected in our interiors. Whether it’s colour, materials, decoration or shapes, organic elements have become an essential part of our home. We’re just loving wood, rattan, stone, marble and concrete and these contrast very well with gold or black accessories. But there are no set rules. Mix and match to your heart’s content is the message. Anything goes. You’ll find organic shapes everywhere these days in mirrors, vases, lamps, candles and the candlesticks they sit in. A poster or painting of a landscape has a soothing effect, too.  

Here are some colour and combination tips for creating a harmonious interior:  

  • Earth and grey shades go flawlessly with black accessories   

  • Marble and concrete are fantastic eye-catchers, but can create a chilly feel to your interior if overdone. Combine them with wood for a warmer look – this combination works really well in the kitchen or bathroom.   

    In addition to grey, white and earth shades, olive green and old pink are popular colours indoors, both for walls and as decorative pieces. Old rose is always a favourite in the children’s room.

What about being a bit more artistic?

The art world has always been a source of inspiration for interior designers. Asymmetric shapes, striking patterns, designer furniture and lamps, craft decoration and so on – your home can become a good deal more artistic with just a few clever additions. Finding it hard to strike the right balance? Surely not! Art is becoming increasingly accessible, so there’s something for everyone.

Choose a painting, picture, vase – whatever piece you want – make it your centrepiece and then build around it. Think about which colours go best with it, and how can you make that artistic eye-catcher stand out even better by placing the right accessories around it.   

Preferably don’t hang frames of different sizes neatly next to each other – be bold and mix them up. Don’t use identical frames, but different ones to create a look of contented nonchalance. And if you’d rather not drill holes in the wall, simply prop your frames up against the wall on a chest or even on the floor. Practical and very trendy!

There’s one golden rule that goes with the trend of the artistic home: it doesn’t need to be perfect

If you enjoy reading fashion magazines or arty books, don’t throw them away when you’ve finished with them, but let them play their own role in your interior. Display in full view on a cabinet or your living room table.  

Soft and fluffy? Yes, please!

There are no boundaries to living trends this year, so even interiors with a high degree of cuddliness are okay. We all love a warm look, but now we can take that trend literally when choosing our decorations. Teddy fabric has been an essential part of our wardrobe for a while now, but we can’t do without it in our interiors either. Fluffy throws and cushions, wool carpets, an ultra-soft footstool, sheepskins or even a beanbag are great. It just has to be comfortable and soft.  

Good-looking and practical

"Of course, a home that just looks beautiful is not enough. It also needs to be functional. With smaller living spaces in particular, it can sometimes be challenging to get everything organised, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less cosy! "

Go for cabinets that are a little less deep than the standard 55 cm. A small saving in storage space can make your room (seem) that little bit bigger. Extend your wall units up to the ceiling, or have them built in, or even think about some shelving. Anyone whose home is small knows very well how important it is to use every available space cleverly. Create more storage space where possible: under the stairs, under the bed, the armchair, living room table (tip: use some sort of chest as a table!), etc.  

You also need to be creative when you have less space to decorate. You may love plants, but do you really have the space for them? Use plant hangers for an even greater jungle effect.  

Serenity: the key to happiness

The chaos of your day-to-day life can make you forget what’s really important in life. We crave for peace and simplicity and that’s precisely what you can find in a modern living style. A sober and serene colour palette provides the peace that enables you to escape from the daily hustle and bustle. It may surprise you, but grey is one of the most versatile colours in the home and one that is excellent at calming things down for you.  

By using various shades of grey, you can generate peace and quiet in your home, as well as strengthen the nuances in shapes and create depth in your interior.  

And grey is very easy to combine with just about any other colour, although it can still be the only colour in your interior without becoming cold or boring.  

Fancy a touch of retro and/or 90s urban?

The heading already gives it away and that’s because retro and urban 90s living styles are very much back in fashion in 2022! Interior stylists often talk about extremes when it comes to interiors. And admittedly, the contrast with the previous piece, where we talked about modern greys could not be greater.  

Retro goes with vintage flea market discoveries, furniture made from walnut, velvet and glass – plus bright colours. Ochre yellow, blue and orange are the most popular. And we’re seeing more and more round shapes and graphic elements (e.g. polka dots) again. Fancy seeing more retro in your interior? Then go looking for dark wooden furniture, round (living room) tables and retro wall cabinets.  

Concrete and steel are often used in 90s urban, combined with bright colours. Graffiti and neon lights are also very typical of the style.

Have you been inspired by a new living style and are you itching to give your home a makeover? Yes? Then the very best of luck!  

Remember: there are no limits: anything goes!  

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