A trendy & cosy, but ideal home office in 5 easy steps

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Work... in trendy & comfy style

Working from home has become the new reality, which means we need to find a way to make it work for us. Many different factors determine whether or not your day can be productive, but it all begins with having the right workplace. A properly fitted out home office with the right facilities can increase productivity enormously.

And achieving a comfortable home office does not require any major structural work. Quite the opposite. In this article we help you set up your ideal place to work from home in 5 easy steps. Ready to embrace teleworking? 

If you have a business selling items for interiors, then you will have undoubtedly already noticed that demand for office supplies is on the rise. So it’s high time you expanded your collection with all the essentials for a productive working day (from home).
Choose a fixed space

In the ideal scenario you’d have a separate office space where you can work undisturbed. Unfortunately, that is not always the case – which means you have to be creative. Is there an attic, guest room, laundry space, etc. that you can convert temporarily? If there isn’t a separate area, you can also work on the kitchen or dining table, if you have to. Then, when the working day is over, put your laptop and other work things away so that you’re not staring at your work all evening.

Last, but not least, choose a space that’s not too far from the coffee machine – unless, of course, you don’t mind walking a few extra steps ;).  

Compact desks that form a perfect part of your interior are an option: a desktop that attaches to the wall, with shelves above can be a great feature. And if you want more privacy, put a room-divider in front of your desk or separate your workspace from the rest with a cabinet. That will give you more of a feeling that you’re sitting alone. 

Invest in the right homeworking facilities

Ergonomic furniture is an absolute must for avoiding back and neck problems. If you haven’t got much space, an ordinary table will work just as well as a desk. Put some shelves up above it and/or a drawer unit under it for instant extra storage space.  

If you’d rather have a professional desk, then (electric) sit-stand desks are very popular at the moment. They’re height-adjustable so that you can use them standing as well as sitting. Ask colleagues for advice and see what works best for you. What should it be made of? Metal desks have a modern and industrial look, whereas a heavier wooden desk can be much more rustic-looking or even vintage. The choice is totally yours – and the space that you have available.  

"Tip: a laptop stand automatically ensures that you work in the correct sitting posture, so it’s not an excessive luxury! "

An ergonomic chair is also vital if you have to sit for at least two hours every day. Our first thoughts go to the classic high-backed office chair, but although it may be good quality, it can be quite big and won’t always fit into your interior.  
Luckily, there’s a wide range of more compact chairs, swivelling or not, that are just as good to sit on. Especially if you add a sheepskin or soft pillow. Even a comfortable armchair can work well, but it’s best to alternate between that and something more conventional.  
A tidy workplace? Easy peasy!

No one likes a messy office and it certainly doesn’t help you to work efficiently. No, above all, your home office needs to be functional.  

Make sure there’s plenty of storage space so that you can relax and focus on your work. We’ve already mentioned shelves and drawer units, but if you have the space, you’ll undoubtedly find an extra cabinet or shelf very useful.  

If you have all sorts of loose papers and documents that you need to put somewhere, what about a grid and/or notice board on the wall?

Both are handy and trendy! This can be a real help, too, especially if you’ve got documents (such as spreadsheets or timelines) that you need to look at regularly.  

Put trays, baskets or jars on your desk to avoid losing things and to organise smaller items. You can also use little trays to keep the stuff in your drawers in better order. Because the faster you can find something, the greater your productivity!  

Think about the lighting

Lighting is not only a nice little extra to brighten up your workplace, because being able to see properly is essential: it stimulates your mood and biorhythms and prevents fatigue. The best lighting for your home office is a combination of natural daylight and artificial light. So it’s ideal to position your desk close to a window.  

"Tip: Go for energy-efficient lighting such as LED lamps. "

With artificial lighting, colour plays an important role. And the light colour is determined by the colour temperature.

The higher the colour temperature, the colder the light colour. For your work environment at home, it’s best to opt for lamps with a neutral or cold colour temperature. In particular, cool white light helps promote alertness and concentration

Make your workspace even cosier, apart from the essential lighting, by adding mood lamps: a string of lights, salt lamp, candles, etc. Choose whatever makes you happy.  


That little bit extra?

You’re going to spend a lot of time in your home office, so why not make it a fun place to be? Create a home office where you feel totally at ease and where you can perform well. Include a number of personal elements in your interior so that your workspace really feels your own.

Add frames with photos, a picture, painting, a vase of flowers, plants or your pet’s basket so that it can come and ‘work’ with you, too, or put down an attractive rug, etc. 

Also, remember that you don’t have to sit at your desk all day. A brainstorm session or just a call is the perfect opportunity to get up and walk about. So for this reason, also put a comfortable armchair in your workplace so that you can enjoy a change of posture and look at your space from a different angle. Talk about a productivity boost! 

Fragrance sticks or candles are also nice to have. And they look really great as an accessory, as well as providing a fresh aroma to the room. Believe it or not, but a room that smells nice automatically looks much neater.