Trademart transforms to an omnichannel marketplace

Wednesday 26/01/2022

“With Trademart as your omnichannel partner, you can enjoy the best of the online and offline world. Making some products touchable and actually seeing and feeling others remains crucial in some sectors. Which is why the combination of digital and physical is so important in the retail landscape of the future.”

Trademart has been Europe’s biggest purchasing centre for retail professionals for 45 years now – and is definitely the place for spotting new trends.

From fashion to kids, decorating ideas to sports: we’re the place to come for all markets. And to maintain this unique position in the market in what is a rapidly changing sector, we’ve decided to make the leap from a physical trading location to an omnichannel marketplace. Which means that from now on, retailers will not only be able to gain inspiration at the physical marketplace in Brussels, but also via our brand-new online platform, Trademart Digital. This way, we can bring exhibitors and retailers closer to each other.  

Trademart Digital

It’s not just hard figures and trends that demonstrate the way online is becoming more important all the time. Consumer buying habits are changing fast. More than ever, buyers are looking for inspiration, relevance and convenience. When consumer habits change, the value chain behind them has to change, too. And that has a direct effect on the whole sector.

The retail landscape was hit hard by Covid-19 in 2020 and 2021. But Trademart has kept pace with the digital (r)evolution and is delighted to introduce you to the new online meeting place for brands and retailers, which now comes in addition to the physical showrooms and inspiring events you are familiar with. Trademart Digital is an online platform where retailers can embark on a journey of discovery to their heart’s content, a place where promising relationships are created and where brands are able to present their range in just one click.  

Go omnichannel met Trademart  

With over 1,500 brands spread across more than 400 exhibitors, retailers will always find the latest trends at Trademart, so that they can add to and refresh their collections. This combination of a physical and online marketplace can only strengthen the relationship between traders and exhibitors.  

With Trademart as their omnichannel partner, brands and traders are able to enjoy the best of both worlds. We offer both an offline and online point of sale, giving exhibitors the ideal way of establishing contact with retailers. Brands benefit from higher visibility and greater reach, while traders can browse through the products on offer and are guaranteed to find the key items they need to expand their range.   

What does Trademart Digital have to offer you?

Benefits for brands:  

  • Inspire your customers with the latest trends  

  • Give your customers the ultimate purchasing experience  

  • Strengthen your physical business by going digital  

  • Manage your business efficiently with our professional tools  

  • etc.  

Discover all the benefits for retailers  

Benefits for retailers:  

  • Let yourself be inspired by the latest trends  

  • The simple online way of purchasing a range of different brands  

  • View showrooms and products in 360° 

  • Discover products in the physical marketplace before you buy 

  • etc. 

Discover all the benefits for buyers  

Wat brengt de toekomst?

Trademart has great ambitions. The aim of our all-round solution is to develop into the most relevant marketplace for professionals in Europe. We want to become both the online and offline go-to location where traders from various sectors can meet, discover new trends and generally experience an amazing purchasing experience.  

We currently focus mainly on home & living and baby & kids, but we also intend to activate other sectors on our platform. All enquiries are welcome, so if you are interested as a brand, please let us know.  

Our dream is to offer even more brands in the future, in different countries and languages. We are also pulling out all the stops in an effort to increase the business value of our customers. 

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